Highland Cornflower and Cornfield Projects


Ross and Cromarty, Easter Ross



Project Description

Cornfield Project

This two year project run by Highland FWAG (Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group) looked to raise awareness of locally rare and threatened arable weeds (cornfield annuals) like Cornflower or Corn Marigold. The planting of these areas would also benefit birds, insects and mammals in summer and winter. Nine sites including one school planted up areas of Wild Oats and cornfield annuals. Most of the land planted was set-aside. All sites were chosen to be visible to the public, close to roads, paths and townships.

Highland Cornflower Project

This SAC run project looked to identify the location of Cornflowers in Highland. 300 fliers were distributed and seven farms responded. Five farmers received advice and information on maintaining their Cornflowers. The farmers contacted were generally keen to maintain their Cornflowers provided their main crop was not excessively compromised or that they received compensation for their lost part of the crop. Seed collection was attempted, with some success.

Arable Weeds and Biodiversity Seminar
In February 2007, the Scottish Agricultural College held an event to report on the Highland Cornflower Project and the Easter Ross Cornfield Annuals Project. The seminar was attended by 25 farmers, advisors and interested individuals. Lessons learned from the two projects were discussed, although funding for such management is still a stumbling block to delivery. A new discussion group on Arable Weeds was set up to look at this issue from a national perspective.

Year 2007

Funder Information

SAC, The Highland Council, FWAG

Highland Environment Forum

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