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How else can you help Swifts in the Highlands?

Make your home Swift Friendly

Swift Nest BoxesTypically, the gap that allows Swifts access needs to be no more than 35mm high and 65mm wide. Most nest sites are at least 5m above ground and all have a clear airspace outside the entrance hole to allow the birds to gather speed as they leave. It is easy to provide Swifts with access to the roof. You can see some tips in the leaflet kindly provided by Action for Swifts - download Swifts and Domestic Properties leaflet (200k pdf).

Nest boxes

Nest boxes or in-built nest cavities are an easy and low-cost way of creating new nest sites for Swifts. There are a variety of models that can be installed in or outside your house and can be obtained from the following suppliers:

If Swifts already nest in your home, please note where they nest and avoid any building work that will block or remove their nesting site. If planning renovations to your property where you know Swifts are nesting, please avoid carrying these out during their breeding season (May to August).

New Structures

Concrete Swift nesting bricks, designed to fit in with UK brick/block sizes can be incorporated in the walls of new buildings as they are built.

Property owners, builders, architects and planners: the Concern for Swifts leaflet has more detailed relevant information courtesy of Action for Swifts.

Further Information and Contacts

For more information on Swifts, including Swift friendly building techniques, please visit:

If you wish to speak to someone about Swifts, please telephone the Highland Biodiversity Officer on (01463) 702 274 or write to:

Highland Biodiversity Officer,
The Highland Council,
Planning & Development Service,
Glenurquhart Road,

Highland Environment Forum

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